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Hi fans,

Hi Im Tanya  And Im the owner of this website Enjoy scrolling down the website!!!!


The best club penguin chests president!!!!!!!:):):):):)

Hi penguins,

Sorry I coudln’t make any pictures or post because my computer is damaged and as soon as I fix it I will

make funny pictures and everything so don’t be sad I will do everything after it gets fixed.

I just wanted to tell you that I made a penguin called Hershys32 so if you see her ion any serever thats me

I will also make it a member after 2 to 4 weeks if  I can so

Waddle around and meet new friends!!!!!!!


The Best Club Penguin cheats President:):):):):)

Wow, very nice clothing catalog cheats today. Here they are.

Turn on the four lights on the Christmas tree for a yellow scarf (page 3/4).


And turn the page.. The black toque has returned! My favorite item that I never had.

Click the tip of the pine tree on page 7 for a Russian hat.


Press the lighthouse picture in the back ground of page 16 for a red hoodie!


Of course, the red viking helmet, click this secret four times for a blue helmet. The eyes on page 9.


The shoes are on clearance now, and there is one new background.


The pin is at the pets shop.



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Wow!! The Club Penguins Times Issue #164 is out with some great news, such as Rockhopper news and other stuffs!!

Firstly, with the coming Coins For change, Rockhoper also has plans to land in Club Penguin during this holiday seasons!! You can also go

back for older posts to see how to find Rockhopper 🙂

Also, there is a new Furniture Catalog soon coming on December 12!! Try your hands out on decorating your igloo in the news article as well!!

And this week’s “In Focus” is about the Ski Village and Mountain, great places for holding parties!!

In addition, there is a new secret about tips for Aqua Grabber!! Remember to check it out!! : )





  • Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!
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Here is my page on funny pictures that I took in Club Penguin! : D It will be updated regularly so check back often! I have also another page on Club Penguin funny images too! So please comment! Thanks a lot! o

No more Ice Hockey for me… : (

Try it! It’s really awesome! : D
Oh my! Yellow puffle aliens are invading Club Penguin! o
The questions are going to be easy.. : D
I am going to complain to The Management about this vending machine : (


I hate worms! : D
Please don’t try this at home! : D

Yeah! It took me a great deal of effort! : )

Just slide down! o
Stop pollution in Club Penguin!
Wish me luck…
What a strict lifeguard…
No one answered the door : (
Too bad Rockhopper lost the key at sea. Credits to Karpolo! : D
I had to wait for a month before coffee was available …
How careless of me : D
I am such a shorty…
I will be on a holiday to Rockhopper island o
I hate fish.
Someone please turn off the light!
A burnt pizza! : D
The marshmallow was never roasted…
I had to tell the blue puffle at the door to go away.
It ate all my pet food. : D
Can someone save me?
Come and save me!

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com
LOL! 😀 Someone come and save me…
Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com
Really cool glitch!

Me on a new diving mission! : D
You know? There wasn’t anyone inside… : )

Someone please lend me a torchlight… : D

You know… The next best thing to the “Express “. : )

Oh, look! A bunny on the BunnyHill! : D

Cream Soda was really creamy : )

I am the Captain of “The Mini Migrator”! Only two person at at a time though! : D

Aunt Arctic was my Grandma! : )

I could try to fly with my wings though : D

No-one watched anyway… :  )

FREE!!! : D

That anchor hurts! : )

I am too short… : D

Which one should I watch first? : )

Gary did not do his Spring Cleaning : D

Help me choose one! : )

I love playing with the phone! : D

I can’t understand it… :  )

But he was really yummy! : D

No-one heard my masterpiece… : )

My days as a moderator! : D

That was scary!! o

Wonder how I ended up on the lava?? : )

Let’s travel to the future!!

Luckily, I wore a hat…

And nicely colored too!! : D

Enjoy ,

Love ,


More pictures comiong soon i hope you like the pictures!!


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Hi I'm Selena8781 i'm the owner of this site now because Looly10 was my spare penguin I like Looly10 because, it's my best penguin I've ever had so Enjoy your new owner for this site same person but, not same penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~ ~ Thanks, Selena8781


i like you people and i love you please visit again thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WARNING: dont copy write or paste because if you do your site will shut down!!!!!!!!!

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Hi fans, Welcome to my website enjoy scrolling down as you know now the owner of this site is Hershys32 so if you see this user in Club Penguin that means its me don't worry I'm still the same person so have fun doing the fun !!!!!!!!:):):):):):) Enjoy my Site!!!!! Love, The best Club Penguin cheats president, :):):):D:D:D

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